A Tribute to Mark Sutcliffe

It is with great sadness we heard the news of Mark going to be with the Lord on Christmas Day.

I did feel the timing was somehow significant on a day when we think about Jesus, the Word becoming flesh, and Mark leaving flesh to be with His Lord.

I have known Mark for about 20 years. I first met him at a prayer meeting in an attic room at the old YMCA building. I was very taken with his passion for Jesus and his style of intercession. Over the years we worked together a lot; in the early days at Living Water when the “prayers” gathered around a banner or in my caravan before progressing to the prayer tent. Mark got involved with praying for the youth, and would report back to us the testimonies of all that the Lord was doing.

We worked together with Martin Down and Stephen Mawditt at the First Friday Call to Prayer gatherings, when on the first Friday of each month we travelled around the county to different churches leading intercession together.

Over the years we have been involved in many prayer times together, including the intercession for a conference in Manchester with John Mulinde and the great prayers from Uganda, and we at Call to Prayer will always be grateful for his anointing and input, and the many great meetings we shared.

When I heard the news, the word I had for Mark was “sojourner”, and that is who Mark was. Like Abraham he had no fixed abode, he was on a journey, looking forward to the city with foundations whose architect and builder is God (Hebrews 11:10). He is now there, and has found his true home in the place Jesus prepared for him, in the city built by God.

We miss you Mark

Jill and all at Call to Prayer