House of Prayer Norwich Bethel Sozo

Affiliated with Fountain Network, Ashill and Bethel Sozo UK

Sozo is a Greek word meaning saved, healed and delivered, which has been launched by Bethel Church in Redding, California. It has been drawn from many existing prayer ministries and combined into an extremely effective tool to enable people to be set free from wounds and lies that may have held them in bondage for years. It provides gentle, yet powerful deliverance in a safe and honouring environment and atmosphere where the Godhead is allowed to direct the ministry.

“What I love about Sozo is that the facilitators, once trained, are there to help people hear from God directly into their situations.” says Jill, director of C2P. “We rely totally on the leading of the Holy Spirit, and have been amazed at how He reveals what needs to be dealt with in an honouring and unthreatening way. It is so much more powerful when people hear from the Lord for themselves, and by using the Sozo tools these lies and wounds can be healed by replacing them with the truth. Doors of entry into our lives by the enemy are closed, and lives completely changed. By helping people connect with the Godhead in a more intimate way they can continue to walk into their destiny.” More information on this ministry can be found on

Jill has been accredited to train others, which she is now doing, and we are now in a position to offer Sozos at the House of Prayer. There will inevitably be a waiting time as we build up a team of people to undertake this ministry, so we ask you to bear with us in this. If you would like to book an appointment, or for more information, please email or ring the House of Prayer on 01603 920074.

In accordance with Bethel Sozo practice, we invite donations (in our case £25) from those receiving ministry, providing this isn't an obstacle.