The Tabernacle

Our full-size tabernacle (see gallery for photos) is a wonderful teaching aid for prayer, enabling insight into our journey from the Cross to the Throne.

It will be inside the House of Prayer for 24-10 prayer during the period from Ascension Day to Pentecost, Thursday 30 to Sunday 9 June 2019 in response to the Archbishops of Canterbury and York's special prayer initiative for that time - 'Thy Kingdom Come'. Groups and ministries are invited to take on prayer slots and we hope to fill the whole time. To book a slot, please email Steve Maylam on

The tabernacle will also be open for teaching tours from Monday 20 May until Saturday 15 June, excluding the ten days of prayer. Do contact us if you would like to book a time.

We also hope to have the Tabernacle in place for 'Thy Kingdom Come' next year, available for 24/10 prayer from Thursday 21 to Sunday 31 May 2020, with additional opportunity for teaching tours.

A very helpful booklet on the tabernacle written by Jill Gower is available on request for 3, or with accompanying DVD filmed by Revelation TV when it was erected outside over a number of years (10).