Light House has various prayer, teaching and healing ministries.  Please read on for more details.

Teaching Days

The Hebraic roots of our faith are very key in our teaching programme going deep into the fathomless word of God, layer by layer. As we explore the scriptures we can understand the purposes of God fulfilled in Jesus throughout the whole of His word. It is just like a huge jigsaw puzzle that forms a complete picture in Christ. We can only know God by His revelation to us, and the Word of God becomes life when Holy Spirit reveals it to us.

Discipleship Courses

Our new programme for the next season is fresh and dynamic.  It will combine teaching, practical application, worship and prayer weaved together to help people step into taking hold of all God has made them to be. We will focus on ENCOUNTER with the Godhead, knowing the Father’s heart of us. ENGAGE the fullness of Christ in us, and walking day by day with Holy Spirit; our comforter and helper. ENABLING us to be unique and comfortable in who we are, and free to embrace our destiny. ESTABLISHING us firmly in lasting faith, and a lasting relationship to free us to go and make disciples.

Light Houses

The Light Houses have been set up to communicate with others who are gathering to pray.  It is based on Watch, Pray, Bless and Act and how that is applied in each group is entirely up to them.  We will forward prayers, prophecies and words of encouragement every few weeks.  Should you wish to join with us in this venture please email via the contact page.

From this we will explore the five fold ministry anointing’s, the Apostolic anointing, the Prophetic anointing, the Evangelist anointing, the Teacher anointing and the Pastoral anointing. From this we will have a deeper understanding of our own role and calling that the it is only as The spirit of the Sovereign Lord enables us for works of service. This will be from a very different perspective to what is so often taught.

Into Freedom – Prayer Ministry

This will run in conjunction with the discipleship course but also as a separate ministry. The focus is to be set free, to have relationship with Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit, free to be yourself and find contentment and value. Freedom from all those things that stop us from taking hold of the fullness Jesus came to give.

For separate prayer appointment please contact us to book, or for more information, please email us through our contact page.


Once a full sized model of the Tabernacle, it has now been reduced to fit the Light House, but still including the three zones and furniture. It becomes a very powerful teaching tool as we unpack how it is a picture of Jesus in its design and purpose. The Tabernacle experience helps to draw us closer to God and meet with Him in the Holy of Holies, by the new and living way. It has impacted so many people.


As the Bible clearly indicates, God has not finished with Israel, His chosen people, and has brought them into the land promised them forever to Abraham and his descendants. Jesus clearly will return to the Mount of Olives, where He will reveal Himself as the long awaited Messiah according to Scripture. Praying for Israel and the peace of Jerusalem is at the heart of this ministry, and we believe at the heart of God.  We are blessed to be grafted in, and sharing with the Jewish people our faith in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

The Persecuted Church

A group of us meet regularly to pray for the Persecuted Church, using information from various different ministries. There are huge swathes of the world where our brothers and sisters are suffering in innumerable ways, but alongside this the church is growing at an extraordinary rate. It is exciting as well as a great privilege to pray for those who sacrifice so much – sometimes paying the ultimate price – because they know that He is worth it. For more details please go to our contact page.