DISCIPLESHIP COURSE – We are delighted to invite to you our discipleship course: Sessions conducted at Light House will combine the in-house presentation with a live conference facility via zoom to enable wider participation. Contact us for access codes if you wish to join in. Sessions also available on our YouTube Channel: C2PLightHouse

Call to Prayer is pleased to welcome you to this new season of teaching.

Ongoing testimonies can be added to our Facebook page. These will provide our Facebook friends with something positive to share on their own networks.

As before, sound recordings will be collated as a completed Teaching Series, and made available later as mp4 files on CD/USB from the Shop.


FRIENDS OF CALL TO PRAYER – We are all “Living Stones” in the Body of Christ, each one unique and operates in different ways.   We have been thinking about how we could bring some of our thoughts into being for “Friends of Call To Prayer”.    We plan a fortnightly digital meeting with ‘How’s it going’ chats discussing various things including health and trials of life etc.  We also plan to have social trips out to places of interest: perhaps a trip London; a trip to the coast with naughty but nice Fish & Chips; a visit to the Cathedral – we have many other ideas!  We could always dream of a trip to that wonderful land of Israel!

This will all be part of really getting to know each other and being there for each other.  So, Friends, it’s up to us.  Let’s go and give it all to Him to show us the way.  With Love and Blessings, Geoff & Pat.  Please visit our Ministries page for information.

August 2020 –

RESOURCES – Please see our Resources page for further free prayers for our young people and blessing prayers that you are welcome to use in your own prayer times.

MAY 2020 –

LIGHT HOUSES – (See our Ministries page for the ministry of Light Houses):
We have been asked to take part in the faithhopelovenorfolk initiative “Picnic Project” and have been asked to arrange a prayer network.  We would ask and encourage you, as an existing Light House partnering with us at Call2Prayer, to join with us in this fantastic opportunity to mobilise prayer for such a time as this! We are expecting prayer requests to come into the Light House, Fishergate and we will then be sending these out to our partner Light Houses.

We have assigned you your own designated Light House Number.  We have also identified a number of areas that need prayer cover and have assigned you a prayer need (or two!).  We would ask that, in your daily/weekly prayers, you please cover the area we have assigned you.  You will obviously want to pray about all sorts of needs but we would encourage you to please cover the designated subject.  Please do feed back to us anything you feel God is saying with respect to your particular area. We can then feed this back to the originator of the request.  You are all invaluable and such a blessing and we are so grateful for your support.

Further upcoming events will be shown here… Watch for latest news.