About us


Call to Prayer is made up of a team of over twenty from different church backgrounds. Our main focus is to build an altar to the Lord of prayer and worship, desiring that “Surely God is in this place” – not just in the building but in us as living stones. We are Bible-believing Christians who long to promote the Kingdom of God through His Word by His Spirit, through our seeking Him and seeing His people released into who God made them to be, in their unique gifting and anointing.  Prayer, Teaching and Discipleship is very much at the heart of who we are, and our passion is to help others know God, by revelation in His word, and taking hold of the gifts of the Spirit. We value the body of Christ in all its diversity, and work closely with churches in the region and across the Nation, standing together for the purposes of God.

2019 – a new dawn…

Several months ago, we as a ministry felt we were being challenged by the Lord to ask the question, “Who am I?” – a question to ask on a corporate basis but also as individuals.

As we at Call2Prayer embarked upon this journey, we found we were trying to meet the expectations and perceptions of who others thought we should be.  We soon realised that we could just simply be “who God made us to be”.  During this process, we are discovering so much freedom!  What is becoming very clear to us is that we, along with lots of other Christians, have been locked into this mindset of “man’s expectation” and not finding the peace and fulfilment that God intends for us.

As a ministry, we have chosen to be ourselves and to let other things fall to the floor!  We have embraced the reason that Jesus has taken hold of us for – as Paul said in Philippians.

We continue to press into this truth and are now discovering who we are as a people and who God has made us to be in our own unique gifting and anointing.  It is such a breakthrough time for us, and we long to help others find their unique place in God’s amazing Kingdom and just breathe and accept who they are!

Jill Gower – Director

On behalf of the Call to Prayer Team


Call to Prayer has always been about unravelling the depths of God’s Word through teaching and prayer.

The Call to Prayer team was commissioned at the instigation of Transforming Norwich on 2 April 2008. Jane Holloway, National Prayer Director from the World Prayer Centre in Birmingham was guest speaker at the service, when she said that this was the first time in her experience that a prayer movement had received official recognition by the local body of Christ in this way.

In April 2009 we were awarded charitable status (Charity No 1127275). In January 2011 we took on the lease of St Edmund’s Church, Fishergate, from Norwich Historic Churches Trust.  The Bishop of Norwich, Graham James, and the Lord Mayor both attended our opening. 

We are now ‘Light House’ – helping the body of Christ to encounter God and equipping the saints for works of service.

Who are we?

​The leadership structure of Call to Prayer is as follows:

Director: Jill Gower

Trustees: Rev’d Nigel Fox (Chairman), Gail Halley, Steve Maylam, Rachel Maylam

Hon Treasurer: Colin Bain

Administrator: Annabel Valentine

If you wish to contact any of these, please use our Contact form.

What we offer?

We at Call2Prayer, are pleased to offer a variety of ministries and resources.  These include Teaching the Hebraic roots of our faith, Discipleship Courses and Into Freedom Prayer Ministry, Light Houses, The Tabernacle, Prayer for our area and Nation, Prayer for Israel and Prayer for the Persecuted Church.  Please see our Ministries page for more information.


Partnering with Call to Prayer

Partnering with a ministry has a Biblical base, and as such we value Partnership highly, praying for our Partners every day.

It is through gifts and our resources that we are able to operate and we also appreciate those who partner with us by giving monthly.

Please Contact our Hon Treasurer, Colin Bain, for further details – or use the form for requesting other information.

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